15 Spider man funny jokes to laugh hard.

Spiderman found dead this morning “Police believe he committed insecticide.”

spiderman jokes

A spell goes wrong, POOFFF………… and dangerous BUT familiar enemies from other worlds start to appear.

Our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man’s new movie is coming, and the whole multiverse and MCU fans are excited fully in the mood of exploring alternative earth and multiverse. Fans are excited to watch a slightly different character J.Jonah. Jameson with less hair. Doctor Octopus (Alfred Molina) has come looking for his Peter Parker, as in Tobey Maguire rather than Tom Holland! Fans questioning how important these alternate earth will be to the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

AND, I am laughing hard while reading hilarious jokes about spiderman. This is my way of showing my tingling love towards all the characters of friendly neighborhood spidermen. ( My favorite is Tobey Maguire )

Here are the best and most hilarious spider man funny jokes to read and laugh hard.

  1. Spiderman was found dead this morning

“Police believe he committed insecticide.”

2. Spiderman designed a new outfit that he can wear for formal occasions.

“It’s a class-action suit.”

3. Guess which Avenger paid the least taxes this year?

“Spiderman, because his entire income was net income.”

4. What is spiderman’s favorite road?

“Peter parkway.

5. Spiderman 1: Homecoming, Spiderman 2: Far from Home

“Spiderman 3: Homeless.”

spider- man funny jokes

A super Clingy Spidey pun

Why is spider man so good at comebacks?

“Because with great power comes great response-ability.”

What is Spider Man’s favorite Disney movie?

“Peter Pan.”

Why was aunt may be worried about peter parker

“He is spending so much time on the web.”

You will definitely love these funny jokes

I can’t believe AntMan and Spider-Man are in civil war.

That really bugs me.

What’s a spider-mans favorite brand of rice?

“Uncle Ben”

Guess who missed Spiderman Homecoming?

“Uncle Ben.”

Did you know that Spider Man has a winter jacket made out of Mediterranean flatbread?

“It’s a pita parka.”

Dr: “I have some good news and some bad news, Spiderman. The good news is that the constant tingling sensation isn’t your Spidey sense warning you of some huge, impending calamity!”

“What’s the bad news, Doc?”

“Well, son, what do you know about genital herpes?”

What Marvel Superhero is the best at HTML?


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