3 herbs to boost immunity. Remedies of my Indian mother

In my childhood, to make our immunity strong, my mom used to add some commonly used herbs with medicinal properties in teas, curries, milk.

Herbs to boost immunity
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Every house and culture has its own ancestors’ recipes that use herbs to boost immunity in winter. My mother has her list of herbs to boost immunity.
A fluffy blanket of snow. Chilled breeze over your face with a cup of hot cocoa in my hands or cuddling late weekend mornings with my husband. I always love these winter things. Winters always seems like a gorgeous dream. But the common cold, sneezing, cough, and flu are enemies of me and, therefore, the majority of folks in winter. Thanks to the annoying symptoms of the common cold, we have to lock ourselves in the house.

In my childhood, to make our immunity strong, my mom used to add some commonly used herbs with medicinal properties in teas, curries, milk.

These herbs help to maintain an ideal level of immunity in winter. Ginger, garlic, and basil were my mothers’ warriors for our family in winter.

Sund’s curry (Dry ginger) is a typical dish for cough and cold.
It helps to maintain an ideal level of immunity to fight these ailments in winter.

anti- inflammatory
helps to reduce pain
helps in sore throat and fever
some common herbs to use in winter for immunity.

Herbs to boost immunity

Turmeric – Turmeric is a well-known spice for its antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. To fight with annoying symptoms of cold, turmeric is one of the simple remedies. My mother used to add turmeric to milk. Nowadays, turmeric milk, turmeric latte is an easy recipe to consume this winter. In my household turmeric, may be a handy ingredient for the bulk of Indian recipes. You’ll include turmeric in curries and teas.

turmeric latte
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Ginger – My mom always used to say ginger is our most generous friend in winter. This tropical Asian herb is extremely useful to t help our body stay warm in chilling weather. Ginger has antibacterial properties; it helps our body to fight against it. Also, ginger can loosen up the phlegm so helpful to improve respiratory function. You can use ginger in almost every kind of tea. Even zinger and garlic curry is a relatively common dish in my mother’s house within the winter season. Ginger tea is a delicious way to add ginger to your diet.

ginger tea
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Basil – in India, basil is considered a holy herb due to its healing and beneficial properties. Tulsi tea is the most effective remedy when you want to avoid cold and cough in winter. Consumption of basil tea can soothe the sore throat, even lower the fever. Use basil in stews, teas, rice, juices, even curries. Add basil in your salads, soups, pizzas.
Tulsi tea is the go-to recipe for my mother to treating the common cold.

basil plant
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Turmeric milk, Ginger- garlic, and tulsi-tea are three familiar recipes that my mother makes at home to better our immune system during our childhood. Even now, in my 30s, I found these recipes still useful for my family.

What are your family’s favorite home remedies to deal with winter and to boost immunity?

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I’m always interested in herbs and spices and natural remedies to build our immune systems and also home remedies that can cure some illnesses without having to resort to opioids and other medications. Great article, thanks for the information.

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