4 signs that you are with a wrong partner in life.

Every relation has its ups and downs. There is no doubt that the fights, arguments, smile or loud laughs, and many cute moments make the connection enjoyable.

wrong partner in life
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Do you think you have the wrong partner in life? Allow me to analyze the whole situation.

Do you think you are currently dealing with any or all of these feelings? where –

  1. Your partner makes you feel inferior.
  2. You feel insecure in your relationship.
  3. You always feel sad, stressed, and empty.
  4. Your partner is violent with you.

Suppose these feelings are troubling you. Don’t lose hope; For every problem, there is a solution.

Every relation has its ups and downs. There is no doubt that the fights, arguments, smiles or loud laughs, and many cute moments make the connection enjoyable. But, on the other hand, a fair percentage of conflicts and heated or rational disputes are the usual traits of a relationship.

BUT, if the fights, negativity, and loneliness is the only thing left in your life, if Pessimism is hijacking your mental peace, THEN IT REQUIRES YOUR IMMEDIATE ATTENTION.

So, it’s time to Introspect calmly, with a rational mind, and find out why you feel this way. If you think a problem is on your hand, try to find the root cause of all this?

To go about solving this puzzle, let us focus on its aspects. What could be the main reason for this feeling? Is it your propensity, your attitude towards your partner? Or is it your partner who is causing this agony?

Well, I believe love is exquisite, like a silk thread. Extremely beautiful, strong, but also delicate at the same time. A small gesture can make or break the magic between two people. So, don’t rush to blame your partner. Instead, relax for a few seconds. Then, brainstorm the following signs to find out, If your partner is an unsolvable puzzle or not. After all, no other magic is bigger than True Love’s Kiss.

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Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.


Some signs that show that your life is entangled with the wrong partner, So do you have the wrong partner in life?

Your partner makes you feel inferior

Are you continually feeling inferior in your relationship because of your partner’s gestures, verbal comments, and day-to-day actions? Does your partner negatively criticize your mistakes? Is this lopsided equation is affecting your daily life and mental stability? If Yes, Then you might want to read the next part.

Imagine a scenario – You face constant negative criticism from your partner, which is constantly ruining your self-esteem. WHAT are your next steps?

Communicate. If you avoid communicating your situation to your partner, you are doing injustice to them and yourself. Why? Because, without proper communication, no love can survive the harsh reality of day-to-day life. How will you determine that your partner’s intention of criticizing you is right or wrong? Knowing the intentions can help both parties in adjusting or understanding their current chemistry. So, Talk.

Express your feelings. It would help if you told your partner how their behavior is harming you. For example, suppose your partner’s reactions are unwelcoming, uninterested, moronic, or downright rude. In that case, If you start hearing blames and phrases about how it is you who are overthinking, it is you who is overemotional or talking rubbish, etc., etc.,

I think it should be pretty clear that you have a wrong partner in your life— one, Who may not or even does not deserve you at all.

Or it could go the opposite way. They could listen to you calmly. Understand your problem. They might say: Honey, My intention was not wrong; I did not mean to hurt you. But listening to you, I have understood that my way was not right either. So starting now, I will try to be more supportive of you.
This gesture from your partner can help you a lot; it enables you to understand that it was a difference of perspective, which you both can efficiently resolve by helping each other.

You feel insecure in your relationship

In your relationship, Do you feel like walking on eggshells? Every time before saying something profound to your partner, do you have to worry that they will leave you? After every argument, every fight, you are forced to feel that the sole reason for every problem around you is nothing else but just your anger or overthinking? Trust me; you are not the problem here.

Every person has their strengths and weaknesses. In a dedicated couple, one always supports the other and tries to overcome their flaws not to hurt the other. The actual partners also accept each other’s defects and help overcome them calmly and lovingly. This is a gradual and lifelong process.

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You are in constant stress and tension

Stress and anxiety are part of daily life. However, a smile from your loved one can relieve this feeling for that particular moment. But if your stress arises because of your partner, it becomes a clear sign that there might be some problems in your relationship.

Your partner is violent with you

Well, this is just an issue without any hope. If your partner is violent with you, physically, verbally, sexually, that is a RED light. It would be best if you started distancing yourself from this person. Do not hide their behavior and actions from other people who are close to you. Get some legal help. Violence always indicates that you have the wrong partner in life.

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Conclusion time.

Remember that there is so much difference between making innocent mistakes and having a wrong partner. So think wisely. If you know that you have a wrong partner in life, decide what to do calmly, thinking about your well-being. It is not worth indulging in a relationship if it makes your life and health worse over time. There might be no love left on the other side. But for you, there will always be light at the end of the tunnel.

Happy couples are not perfect human beings main thing is to cherish this journey.

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Comment User Black Couture
Black Couture

Actually wow… I was already preparing myself to write something else, but I love that my reminded readers consider who they are before blaming partner. I was looking a recent situation on a dating show on TV. The guy was upset while opening about loosing his 1st marriage. But it was also interesting to see that the women became upset thinking he cant move on., which is not true. A both parties need is to dea with their emotions separately, then together and then maybe figure it out. I’ve been with angry friends and guys. So usually I l explain I find the tone taxing the after a while I’ll remove myself but it takes all the advise you’ve noted here! Loved the post

Comment User Inderpreet

Great post. I really like your point of view of expressing the information and your implementation of expressing the article is really very appreciable.

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