5 indoor plants to purify the air in your home that requires minimum sunlight.

Plants are good for aesthetics, it makes us feel better. It eases our stress when we water these plants and smell and touch it.

indoor air-purifier plants
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Indoor plants are the optimum choice for people who live in small condos and apartments small apartments.

We all study in science class that plants give oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. So plants within the house are always the best source of fresh air that we breathe. These little green cuties work as our very personal and movable nature in our abode. Plants are good for aesthetics; it makes us feel better. It eases our stress when we water these plants and smell and touch it. But it’s not easy to find air purifier indoor plants with minimal sunlight

We all don’t seem to be experts in gardening, and most of us don’t have the luxury of enormous space. When I started buying plants for my condo, I had no clue where to start.

So after some research, I learned gradually that these five plants were perfect for my place, as sunshine isn’t in abundance here.

  1. Pothos – Pothos could be an excellent choice for indoor plants, a little bit bright light, not an instantaneous sunshine style of places. These plants can easily manage the low light situation. They don’t need water daily ( soil dry out before watering is sweet for their roots ). For pothos, you can select among different variegated plant species. The trailing stem of pothos can add a gorgeous and lively accent to your front room wall or your study corner.

    Pothos aren’t friendly with pets, so choose a corner where they cant reach out.
  2. Alovera – Alovera is a healer plant, as it contains anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. This is a sun-loving succulent plant that is best for bright places in your home. Aloe can clear the air by removing the formaldehyde and absorb dust.

    The key here is the provide light to this beauty. So if you don’t have any light in your apartment, it is not the best choice to grow this plant.
  3. Rubber trees – These are easy to grow, low maintenance plants. They don’t need bright light. Place it near the window with sheer curtains ( they don’t like hot sunlight).
    Balancing watering is essential, don’t overwater them; the leaves turn yellow and fall off . they are very sustainable with a cooler temperature. They are useful for purifying your indoor air.
  4. Peace Lilly – This beautiful blooming plant makes you ecstatic with its stunning look. The integration of peace lily in your indoor plant list will minimize the toxic substances from the air.
    This plant is doing well with a low shade and cold temperature that’s why these are my all-time favorite indoor plant. They are glorious easy adaptable, and low maintenance house plants, which I always relish in my family room.
    Keep a safe distance from your four-legged family member as they do not pet-friendly.
  5. Snake plant – The snake plant is the best plant for your bedroom as they absorb carbon dioxide and relinquish oxygen at night. The snake plant is a kind of indestructible plant due to its facile adaptation in all environments. It filters toxins like benzene, formaldehyde, xylene from the air.
    Weekly watering is enough for these green sansevieria plants.
    They are not friendly with pets as toxic to consume.

Bring your favorites to home and cherish their green beauty. Let these plants boost your mood and increase your concentration and productivity.

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