Basic lifestyle habits for improving health and quality of life.

We can live a holistic and meaningful full life with help of some basic habits and lifestyle modifications on our day-to-day basis routine.

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Life is a beautiful bliss. Even with today’s fast and stressful lifestyle, We can live a holistic and meaningful full life. Basic lifestyle habits are the key to improving health and quality of life

Make modifications to some of your basic habits and lifestyle in your daily routine.

  • GET MOVING – Dedicated hours of moderate to heavy exercise are good but try to avoid prolonged sitting hours. Make a habit of moving throughout the day as a part of your life. If your work requires long sitting hours, try to take 1-2 minutes of walk every hour. Use the stairs instead of the lift. Start your morning with 10 -20 minutes of brisk walk or jogging. If you are not working or retired, try to invest your time around basic house chores. Give water to your plants, do herb gardening, mow your lawn, clean your house by yourself, instead of i-robots.
  • SPEND TIME WITH YOUR LOVED ONES – In today’s fast-growing era, we ignore to spend quality time with our family and friends. We get easily distracted by the hectic whirlwinds of our daily chores. Try to have dinner or weekend brunches with your family and be part of meaningful and fun conversations. There is nothing wrong with having meaningless gossip once in a while, having tea or coffee with your life partner or your parents or friends. You can repair broken things together, cook together, sit and relax on the couch, and tell each other old memories.
  • MAKE SOME TIME FOR YOUR HOBBIES – Enjoyment is a crucial part of human life to live a stress-free life. Spending time on hobbies gave our minds that enjoyable experience. Hobbies help to reduce our negative stress and make our minds more focused, creative, and productive. If your hobby is reading, dedicate some time to your favorite books. It will clear your mind from your office or study stress. Maybe you love mountain climbing or cooking, dancing, fixing repair things, making DIY furniture, etc. There is no dearth of hobbies. The point is whatever is your hobby, try to take some time for it, for an overall holistic lifestyle with a sound mind and healthy body.
  • A SOUND SLEEP IS IMPORTANT – A peaceful mind cannot exist in the absence of quality sleep. Sleep is vital for our complete well-being. Without a sufficient amount of sleep, your body does not get enough time to rest and heal damaged tissues and cells.
    In the long term, lack of sleep leads to weight gain, diabetes, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, anxiety, aggressive behavior, and cardiovascular conditions. Give yourself at least 8 -10 hours of sleep daily for your physical and emotional wellbeing. If possible, take a quick and short nap during the day to refresh your brain. Don’t distract your sleep hours with TV, mobile, or laptops. Our body and brain give their 100% for our work for the whole day. So it’s our duty to give them a night of quality sleep with long quantitative hours.

Well, there is a long list of things, that we can do to make our life clutter-free along with a holistic lifestyle. Take some time to figure out your things, your goals for a healthy body, and a wise mind.


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