A unique camping and Birdwatching Experience at Long Point Provincial Park

Long Point Provincial Park is heaven for beach lovers and bird watchers. It is situated on a beautiful white sand beach which is approximately 1.5km along the freshwater shores of Lake Erie. The park is located on the northwest shore of Lake Erie on Port Rowan, Ontario, Canada.

Distance from Toronto

Toronto to Long point provincial park – 182 km

Long Point Park is open from May to October. For the year 2023, it is available to use from 13 May to 23 October.

You need a day permit or camping permit to visit the park.

Long Point Provincial Park map

If one has to describe Long Point park in one sentence, then it would be a place that is “all about the beautiful sunrises and sunsets over the beautiful beach shore of Lake Erie”.

Dogs are allowed at the beach, camping area, and hunting zones in the Long Point Provincial Park.

Camping at long Point Provincial park is just an excuse to indulge in early morning and late-night dips in calming water and gaze at the amazing view of stars and the milky way galaxy at night.

Sunset at Long Point Beach, Lake erie
Evening at long point provincial park beach
A unique camping and Birdwatching Experience at Long Point Provincial Park
Evening at long point provincial park beach

This is one of the best places in Ontario to enjoy a beautiful sunset.

The beach is available for day-use and overnight camping. It’s very calming just to walk along the shore. You will completely forget all the stress for the moment by the aura of your surroundings.

Evening walk at beach, while birdwatching
Evening walk at the beach

Long Point Campground

The camping experience is very different and amazing here compared to other parks in Ontario.

Camping at long point provincial park
Camping at long point provincial park

Camping here is not only about tents and barbecues. You are surrounded by sandy paths, sand dunes, water, a continuous melody of birds, a small garter snake passing through your tent site, like a shy neighbour, making your experience even more memorable. It is a fantastic feeling to touch and walk in the sand barefoot!! You will enjoy your camping with nature’s Sound System, courtesy of the lake water and beach birds.

Night at Lake Erie Beach

At the lake, you walk underneath a perfect moonlit night with bright twinkling stars, a beauty beyond the realm of words. It’s best not to use any flashlights or mobile lights if not required. Just enjoy the unspoiled beauty of the night with the moonlight, the perfect and romantic lights of our galaxy.

Flying birds with gorgeous sunset view
Flying birds with gorgeous sunset view

Famous for Bird watching

This is a perfect place for birdwatchers, as you will find various migrating birds during the spring and fall. There are more than 300 bird species found here.

Long Point park is very famous for being the resting place of monarch butterflies. Monarch butterflies make a stop here while going for their final destination in Mexico.

Fowler’s Toad, an endangered species, and the gray-brown Toad are primarily nocturnal species found here.

Sunset at Lake Erie at long point bay
Sunset at Lake Erie at long point bay

Little history about Long Point Provincial park

Basically, this park is a sand spit that is part of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. It is the fourth-oldest provincial park in Ontario, established in 1921.

The Long Point area was inhabited by Attiwanderons, followed eventually by Iroquis people. It was called “The beaver hunting grounds of the Iroquois”. Gradually, the Mississaugas tribe migrated and captured the area for fishing and hunting.

Due to its unique coastal ecosystem, the united nation designated this place as a world biosphere area in 1986.

Twilight at long point beach
Twilight at long point beach

Location and Geography

This park is located on Lake Erie at a specific point called the base of the tip. A narrow stretch of road, “Long Point Causeway,” connects the park to the mainland.

The small town of Port Rowan is about a 20-minute drive from the park.

The unique thing about this sand spit is the “constantly shifting sand dunes and sand at the beach.” This place is home to a variety of fauna and flora.

Things to do at Long Point Provincial Park

Bird watching

This place is heaven for bird watchers. During sunset, you will find hundreds of birds sitting along the shore in lines. The Long Point Bird Observatory is located just outside the park.

We spotted a few turkey vultures during our visit there.


Camping is available from May to October only. Perhaps due to marshes and their maintenance in extreme winters.

Long Point Provincial Park has 256 campsites, including 78 electrical sites located in Firefly Campground.

Long Point Park provides 4 campgrounds in the park.

Firefly Campground The majority of campgrounds are electrical here. But a few smaller sites without electricity are awesome, as they are right on the beach.

Monarch’s Rest campgrounds

Turtle Dunes campgrounds

Cottonwood Campground

A radio-free campground that includes 81 campgrounds.

Water activities

You can easily enjoy your water surroundings with various activities like paddling, canoeing, kayaking, jet Ski, etc. The sheltered marsh of Long way is the most famous place within the park for canoeing.

White water waves at beach
White water waves

Park provides a boat launching facility. Unfortunately, there is no rental facility at the park, but while you are driving towards Long Point, you can find boat rental facilities on the road.

Waterfowl Hunting

A controlled waterfowl hunt is permitted in the open season under the Long Point Waterfowl Management Unit ( LPWMU ).

Permitted days of hunting are Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from September to December.

Beach and swimming

Long Point Provincial Park beach is vast and filled with beautiful sand. The best thing to do here is take a dip, go swimming, and take a nap on the beach. Enjoy sunbathing.

Look at the sunrise and sunset while swimming and lying on a sandy beach; it is a surreal experience.

The most promising soft sand beach area for day users is available at a cotton campground in the old park.

Discovery Program

This discovery stuff is amazing! You can join Long Point Park staff in July and August, particularly for discovery drop-ins. The park provides equipment to explore the place. It’s really fun to observe the ecosystem, the wandering behaviour of animals, and observing the patterns of plants. Pick up your discovery activity book at the drop-in point.

At the end of your stay, you share your observations with park staff and get your Discovery Ranger pledge and button.


Long Point Bay is famous for fishing. You need a license to fish at Long Point Park. Long Point Bay has one of Ontario’s best bass lake fisheries source.


If you are a nature or bird photographer, this place should be on your bucket list. Birds are easily spotted on the beach, maybe enjoying their evening like we do!

Long Point Provincial Park bike trails

For biking, there are no different trails. You can ride a cycle over park roadways. It is almost 5km long. TheViews are impressive along the path.

We hope you will enjoy your visit to Long Point Provincial Park. Let us know and share your experience with us!

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