10 Effective Calisthenics workout for beginners without any equipment.

Calisthenics is a balance of aerobic exercises (refers to the body producing the energy with the use of oxygen such as running or cycling) and anaerobic exercises (refers to the body producing energy without oxygen and with a high intensity such as jumping or sprinting)

Calisthenics workout for beginners

Calisthenics workout for beginners

What is Calisthenics?

Calisthenics which means beauty and strength in the Greek language is a form of bodyweight resistance training. Any movement training performed using your body weight and utilized the least amount of equipment can be considered Calisthenics. I started with basic calisthenics workouts for beginners, not involving any ropes or benches, etc.

It is a traditional yet modern outlook for fitness. Calisthenics is a balance of aerobic exercises (refers to the body producing
the energy with the use of oxygen such as running or cycling) and anaerobic exercises (refers to the body producing energy without oxygen and with a high intensity such as jumping or sprinting)

It is considered a warm-up or cool down for various sports types and is also performed as a complete workout training.

Calisthenics workout for beginners and technique of performing it.

Varying from low-intensity workout to high-intensity workout, includes many repetitions of numerous exercises to help build muscles and burn fat.
However, these repetitions increase from beginner level to expert level. Some basic calisthenics exercises are.

● Crunches Or Half Sit-Ups

● Full Crunches Or Sit-Ups

● Push-ups

● Lunges

● Squats

● Mountain climbers

● Sit-ups

● Leg raises

● Jumping Jacks

● Planks

Benefits of Calisthenics

  • Calisthenics is appealing as it engages large muscle groups, increasing your process of burning calories and building muscle strength with the increase in the repetitions of exercises from low-intensity workout to high-intensity workout.
  • Another important aspect signifying Calisthenics’ benefits is that it can be performed anywhere as it does not require any equipment or gym accessibility. In this pandemic where moving out in any public area has become a risk to life, Calisthenics acts as the most convenient and reliable form of training, which can be easily done at home or in any open area. It is accessible to all from a financial and physical perspective.
  • Daily Calisthenics is really time efficient. It saves your traveling time to the gym and other miscellaneous factors. Moreover, gym training requires more time for a workout than the time consumed under calisthenics exercises.
  • Furthermore, Calisthenics is a very good source for losing bodyweight and burning calories. It not only burns calories during the workout, but the body continues this process even after the workout is done. An intense workout could boost your metabolism. in quite an effective manner.
  • On the contrary, this training form not only enhances your strength and physical abilities but helps in improving your mental health as well. One feels more confident and energized. It helps reduce anxiety levels and depression by helping build self-esteem and reduce the feeling of social withdrawal.
Calisthenics workout for beginners
Photo by Hayley Kim Design on Unsplash

Likewise, Calisthenics benefits the mind and body by various means as it helps to build a healthy lifestyle, maintains better long term health, improved mobility and ease of movement, reduces injury risk, convenient for all the age groups, improves flexibility and
the balance thus focuses on effectively developing all the aspects of our body and health.

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