3 Free dating apps for Single Parents in 2021

As a single parent, you are constantly struggling to synchronize your work and family time. You dedicated a big chunk of your time to your child/children. Between this busy and responsible life, there is one thing you lack is time for yourself. If you don't want to waste your time with useless and blank dates., we choose these genuine and trustworthy dating sites to find your spark.

dating apps for single parents
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Being a single parent means that you are the only superhero for your child. You are always there for them in their moment of happiness, sadness, stupid actions & good gestures. The moral of the story, you are on a 24 hours shift every day. But a superhero also needs rest, and so do you. You need love, a caring friend or a support system, a person to talk to, to share romance, intimacy, sex, once in a while, fancy dinners to relax the mind and feel young again.

But the problem could be that you don’t have time to find someone with full-on responsibility for your kid. So, dating apps for single parents can help you here by doing the match-making work for you.

And, if you think that as a single parent, you can’t find a good life partner or a caring friend, Then that is not the case.

The ’30s and children are common to the belief that having both are the pillars of stability in life. But are they? Life is unpredictable.

I have a close friend who is a single parent and had no intention of dating or be in a relation. But life goes on. Last week, I attended her marriage with a gentleman she met on a dating site. Truthfully, we all have swiped through random photos on our mobile screens on these dating sites at some point in life, usually for casual hookups and some time in the hope of love and security.

As a single parent, you are constantly struggling to synchronize your work and family time. You dedicate a big chunk of your time to your child/children. Between this busy and responsible life, there is one thing you can fall short on, which is the lack of time for yourself. If you don’t want to waste your time on useless and blank dates, we choose these genuine and trustworthy dating sites to find your spark.

There are a large number of dating apps for single parents.


Screenshot of Eharmony home page
Eharmony Home Page

Eharmony is a gem for all the single parents in the USA and Canada. This is the perfect site for you if you lack time and are looking for a serious and time-worthy companion and, of course, don’t want to waste your time with casual hookups and perverts.

The best thing is that they give the same features and functions on the mobile and desktop versions. So you can’t miss anything while browsing on your laptop.

You cannot ignore Eharmony if you are looking for a genuine dating site for a good connection. Their registration process is lengthy, with a long questionnaire of personality analysis to start meaningful matches and honest conversations. However, a particular algorithm of Eharmony creates a new match for you every 14 minutes. Their algorithm chooses matches for you based on the personality analysis tests backed by the concepts of psychology.

They offer both free and paid versions. However, their free version doesn’t provide enough features, especially displaying the profile pictures of your match.

They provide the feature to add humorous Q&As to your profile and read the answers to your matches. In addition, it makes the process easy to connect and start conversations with others.

Their user base is enormous, so more options to explore.
You have to pay few extra bucks; their paid plans are expensive.
Clean and easy-to-use interface.
Users leave so many negative reviews on Consumers affairs.
Their matching system is quite efficient.
For free service, you won’t be able to see the profile pictures.
Free trial for a shorter amount of time.

Also: Try these free sites for senior citizens.


 Screen shot of SingleParentMeet Home Page
SingleParentMeet Home Page

This is an amazing app that completely understands your responsibilities juggling your time as a parent and as yourself.

SingleParentMeet is a perfect place for all single parents looking for love, marriage, and even simple friendship.

SingleParentMeet is owned by People Media, an online dating group that owns loveandseek.com, divorcedpeoplemeet.com, bbpeoplemeet.com, ourtime.com, indiamatch.com, seniorpeoplemeet.com, and so many more.

It’s effortless to set up a profile. The best thing is that you have to write answers for 7 personality-related questions, which can help in finding you a better match.

The matching process works in two ways: according to your search choices or the site, algorithms will do it for you. In addition, you can add up to 30 photos in an about me section and also incorporate “what are you looking for in a partner.”

Their algorithm sends you 5 potential matches daily. By choosing to click the, “I am interested ” button, you can tell the algorithm if you are interested. Or you can choose not to show your disinterest.

They also understand your responsibilities as a parent, thus helping you integrate with care.com for your children.

They considered your distance, religion, physical attributes, astrological signs for their matching magic.

You can find the relationship history and info about the kids on the user’s profile.SingleParentMeet doesn’t provide any phone support. ( It isn’t delightful )
They care about your children, thus helping you integrate with care.com for them.
No mobile app.
It’s pretty affordable in comparison to few other dating sites.
Without the membership, you cannot send or read messages.

Best free dating apps for 2021, and it’s not tinder.


Screenshot of OkCupid Home Page
OkCupid Home Page

This app is a beautiful cupid for every single who is ready to move on from bachelor’s life. As their tag line suggests – Dating for every single person.

“OkCupid” is a fantastic app to aid you in your pursuit of finding perfect love or casual friendship. I like their thorough ( but not exhaustive ) list of relevant questions.

You have many choices among hookups, friendships, short-term dating, or long-term dating, including non-monogamist relationships.

It is available for mobile on both ios and android as well as on Desktop. But unlike other apps, you have to fill out the CAPTCHA for the sign-up process. You can also choose five options that depict your gender among a vast pool of descriptors, e.g., cis, androgynous, non-binary, pangender, genderqueer, hijra, gender-fluid, two-spirit, gender nonconforming, etc.

The best thing is you don’t have to pay extra to make a left swipe.


You can access the majority of features without the paid version.
The video chat option is not available.

Suitable for people who are looking for long term relationships
Causal browsers can bother you

Very transparent
Not so much useful for one-night hookups

A fun and user-friendly interface with lots of features
Ads can bother you with a free version of Okcupid

Maybe this cupid will bring joy to your life.

What are your favorite dating apps for single parents? Do you have any positive or negative experiences with any dating sites, share with us in the comments?

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These apps seem so useful but unfortunately I’m still a teenager & I don’t have anyone who’s a single parent but I’ll make sure to save this until next time.

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