Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness - X-Men, Superior Iron Man, and the Horror

But the one prevalent theory among fans is that there is another mysterious villain here, working in the shadows, and others are just his puppets.

Doctor Strange
credit- Marvel Studios

The whole MCU multiverse thing is getting scary and crazy with the new trailer release of Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness. MCU fans such as myself are amazed by the mysterious ( not so ) voice which may have confirmed the entry of the first X-MEN character, a zombie Doctor Strange and so much more!!

Is it Patrick Stewart’s Professor Xavier?

If it is, we are not sure which timeline he would be from? Some Fans are speculating he will be from an unexplored timeline and not the one from when he died in 2017’s Logan.

In the footage, the professor appears to be wearing the black cloak, which seems like the worn-out part of his uniform from 2014’s Days of Future Past. There are pretty good chances that this is from the universe where that timeline was never undone.source

There is no doubt that this may be a totally new variant of Professor Xavier. Is he part of the Illuminati? In the new trailer, some Ultron drones are escorting our sorcerer supreme in a headquarter that gave the hint of the Illuminati version made by members such as Ironman and Bruce Banner.

“I am sorry, Stephen, your desecration of reality is not going unpunished,” said Baron Mordo

Strange looks to be imprisoned and being interrogated by a group of people who appears to be watchers of the multiverse about his crime against time and space. Who could they be? Could they be working above the one called He Who Remains? Or Is it an entirely new Tribunal?

Professor X in the comics is a member of the group Illuminati, who are the caretakers of the multiverse and time, and seeing this as the possibility is totally chilling for me as an MCU fan.

Multiverse of madness
Credit – marvel studios

The Scarlet Witch or Doctor Strange – Who is the main villain? Or is there a mysterious hidden villain?

We are not sure about the whole plot of the movie and the villains of this madness. But it is possible that Strange itself is the villain. So now the question arises: Which Strange variant is the villain here? It looks confirmed from the trailer that the movie has four variants of Dr. Strange – The Illuminati Defender Strange, MCU Doctor Strange, Some sort of evil or Dark Strange? and zombie Strange ( or zombie iron man)!!!!

“You break the rules and become the hero. I do it, and I become the enemy. That doesn’t seem fair.” said Scarlet Witch

A shot of Captain Marvel or maybe Superior Ironman battling Scarlet Witch, to some extent may confirm the rumors stating that Wanda will turn out to be the villain here. With her dark power and envy against Strange, he got the hero-worship when she was labeled as a villain. Another guess is that the Scarlet Witch { a strong reality warper } will use her powers to warp reality and bring mutants into this chaotic world.

There is a fight between Strange and Gargantos, the Lovecraftian squid monster.

The green minotaur “Rintrah” is there to feed upon Stephen’s dark and scary dreams. As Green Rintraha got its own action figure in marvel toys, this character seems fascinating in the movie. “Rintraha” is believed to be a demon in marvel comics who feeds on people’s psychic energy while they dream.

But the one prevalent theory among fans is that there is another mysterious villain here, working in the shadows, and others are just his puppets.

Wild Rumour – There is one rumor that Daniel Radcliffe will cameo as x – force’s Wolverine in Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness.

Who is “our” ally here in Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness?

It is fair speculation that America Chavez is here to help Strange. After the mess up of spell in no way home, Stephen tried to take help from America Chavez, Captain Marvel, and Wanda.

The one big question here is which Captain Marvel are we are going to watch in the movie. Monica Rambeau or Carol Danvers? Monica Rambeau’s character can culminate the wand vision story with multiverse very efficiently. Trippy visuals of the multiverse of madness are crazy.

There are also Two versions of Wanda here. Wanda can also come into conflict with Illuminati and be a friendly aid to Doctor strange.

Speculations are here and there. But fans ( including me ) are actually waiting for the theatrical release of the movie in May and enjoy this madness directed by Sam Raimi. It would be a wild ride indeed.

Do you know, when spider man kills mary jane?

Spider Man: Reign #4

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My husband and I have been speculating like crazy as to what comes next in the MCU. Very excited for this next phase and for the possibility of the X-Men joining the mix!

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