Gilded Age: Tussle Between New And Old Money.

Lots and lots of hat scenes, and we entered into the second season of Gilded Age. Amidst the elite women of New York meticulously selecting their fanciest headgear, one tower hat adorned with feathers and flowers stands out, symbolizing the dominance of Bertha Russel—the wealthiest lady of the Gilded Age era.

Gilded Age season 2  does justice to represent the concept of new money and old money while exhibiting the extravagant wealth of new people, but still, they fight for social status.  Viewers witness the palpable tension between traditional values and the influx of new money, portraying a vivid contrast between old ways versus emerging affluence

“Gilded Age” is a classic Julian Fellowes soap opera, a period drama that unfolds the tussle between old money and new money within the landscape of New York City.

Bertha Russel is the most prominent character of the HBO show. While not a historical figure, she serves as a representative of the social struggles between the old and the new, bearing a resemblance to Alva Vanderbilt.

Her husband, George Russel portrays the rich railroad tycoon wielding significant political power, capturing the true depiction of the robber barons. 

“Robber Baron” was a derogatory term used for super-rich industrialists of the Gilded Age who were ruthless and unethical, with the only concern of profit. To quote a few, Andrew Carnegie, Cornelius Vanderbilt, and John D. Rockefeller.

On the other side, Mrs. Agnes and Mrs. Astor are proud believers of the old economy and traditional ways. 

Another interesting character is the beautiful Gladys Russel, the daughter of the Russels. Her character sheds light on the prevalent tradition of the time known as the “dollar princess”.

Daughters of rich Americans who married into the European aristocracy for titles and in return brought substantial wealth in the form of dowry. This concept echoes the character of Cora in “Downton Abbey”. 

One of the famous dollar princesses is Jeane Jerome, the mother of the famous British prime minister, Winston Churchill.

Gilded age, photo of character of Gladys Russel
Gilded age – HBO You tube

The other prominent princess is Consuelo Vanderbilt whose story parallels that of Gladys Russel.

What is the Gilded Age era?

A golden age for America after the end of the Civil War.

The Gilded Age was an era of economic boom and economic disparities at the same time. It was a time of American prosperity, Economic boom, and economic disparities, where wealthy businessmen were in power.

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