How to do a brisk walk for its full benefits?

A brisk walk is an aerobic fast walk where you can concentrate on your heart rate (the main goal is to increment the heart rate).

brisk walking
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Complicated cardio exercises are not my cup of tea. On the other hand, a straightforward walk could be a more well-off and delectable kind of exercise, especially for tyros. My personal preference may be a sweat-inducing al fresco brisk walk; you can do it indoors additionally.

What is a brisk walk?

A brisk walk is an aerobic fast walk where you can concentrate on your heart rate (the main goal is to increment the heart rate). Approximately 100 Steps per minute and long-distance with a heart rate within the fat-burning zone are the key factors to maintain the pace of a brisk walk.

Whenever you decide to try to do walking as an exercise. Always keep these two factors in mind.

  1. Heart rate is the key here. Walk fast as you’ll be able to do to raise the heart rate.
    2.Try to walk long-distance so that the calories burn the stored fat, not just the body’s sugar, for quick energy.

How to do a brisk walk for weight loss?

Start by trying to walk at your convenience. Gradually increase it daily by 5 minutes and build your stamina for 45 minutes( if a walk is the only reasonably exercise which you are doing for weight loss )
To give an extra push to you can spice up your walk by different mix and match techniques.

  • You can hold light weights during walking.
  • Change your terrain. Endeavor uphill walk, when we’re waking incline, the body burns more calories.
  • Walk-on soft grass, mud, hard surface, pave, Transmute your paths for walking.
  • Induce and reduce speed. The varying heart rate is an efficacious way to burn more calories.
  • Combining jogging and brisk walking is also a good idea.
  • atleast for once a weak, do HIIT or any kind of weight training .

Try to incorporate a brisk walk with some yoga and resistance training if you want to lose your excess belly fat. The most important thing is to enjoy the whole journey of your exercise. Staying fit and healthy should be your primary goal, not weight loss.

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