How to lower uric acid naturally( Hyperuricemia) with 10 simple steps?

Elevated levels of uric acid within the blood lead to the formation of uric acid crystals in body parts, mainly in joints, large toe, feet, ankle and cause the sudden and high-intensity pain situation is also known as gout.

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Uric acid is a litter product produce by the body during the digestion of purines high food. Commonly consumed purine fatty foods are organ meats like liver, bacon, turkey, fish ( anchovies, sardines, herring ), seafood and shellfish, alcoholic beverages. Veal and venison (meat of the game animal, dear or elk meat) are also coming under the high purine group. Sometimes fructose can be a culprit too for raising the uric acid level thanks to purine assembly.

Uric acid is widespread these days. But it is possible to lower uric acid naturally.


Elevated uric acid levels within the blood result in uric acid crystals in body parts, mainly in joints, large toe, feet, ankle, and cause the sudden and high-intensity pain situation referred to as gout. On occasions, other medical conditions like kidney stones, diabetes also can occur because of hyperuricemia.


lower uric acid naturally
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  • A healthy diet low in purine, low in fat (saturated and trans fat ) can help deal with gout.
  • Plant-based and a fiber-rich can prevent the probabilities of gout formation.
  • Try to add low-fat milk and milk products to your daily intake, e.g., low-fat yogurt.
  • You should avoid Spinach, beans, lentils, yeast, mushrooms if you are suffering from gout.
  • Avoid packaged juices as they are high in sugar. Eat whole fruits. All varieties of berries are an excellent option to add to your diet.
  • Water should be your favorite drink. Drink lots of water so that kidneys flush out the uric acid at a fast speed.
  • Avoid sugary beverages, sugary foods, as fructose is not suitable for your uric acid level.
  • Obesity may be a problematic condition in an exceedingly correlation with gout. Try to reduce your weight with the help of exercise and a plant-based diet. Choose vegetable-based protein instead of an animal.
  • Keep your insulin levels in check. It is essential to keep the lower uric acid naturally.
  • Avoid alcohol. Bring it to an end if you are affected by gout.

Always consult with a doctor if your body shows symptoms of gout.

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