My Daily morning routine for a focused mind and a productive day.

Fresh and priority-based mornings are the establishment of a productive day and a calm mind.

Daily morning routine

My guide to a daily morning routine for a focused mind and a productive day.
Imagine cozily spooning with your partner, enjoying beautiful dreams, underlying a soft layer of blanket that touches your body and makes you feel like never getting out. Who would want to stop doing that, open their eyes, and get out of bed to start a busy and stressful day?

But the tough choice is that we have to wake up and start our day.

Whether energetic or exhausted, the mornings bring the hope of a new day filled with new purposes and destiny. Fresh and well-organized mornings are the establishments of a productive day and a focused mind. We should realize that what we chose to do as our morning routine/activity plays a significant role throughout our day.

My daily morning routine consist of certain rituals.

These rituals have helped me with a focused and productive mind, an active lifestyle, and a smile all over my face.

To set my entire day’s tone, I wake up early ( My early means 7 am, I am not a 4 am riser ), and then I always follow some rituals as per my preference.

  •  Hydration: The first thing I do is hydrate myself by drinking 2-3 glasses of water. Sometimes I add lemon or apple cider vinegar in a glass of lukewarm water to support gut health and my skin. Currently, I am in the practice of sipping on cumin water on an empty stomach. I have found this very useful to deal with my mensuration pain and digestive system. 

Suggestion: Try to avoid coffee or black tea on an empty stomach. Drinking caffeine on an empty stomach could irritate your stomach lining and cause acidity and heartburn. You can drink herbal teas still. Turmeric tea is the best option in winter. 

Suggestion: Dry brushing or massaging your skin once a week is beneficial for your skin. Try to avoid using harmful chemicals on your face, especially if you’re in your 30s.

  • Get moving. Morning is the best time to exercise as it has its own perks. I don’t do any hardcore exercise in the morning But Doing 10-15 minutes of light dancing or basic yoga asanas is my favorite activity. For December 2020, I decided to walk for a total of 400 Kms before the new year. To achieve this goal, I usually walk for 4-5 km in the morning.

Suggestion: Dedicate a minimum of 10-15 minutes to any physical activity as per your preference. Always be aware of your health conditions and the weather around you and choose your exercise accordingly.

  • Meditation: Meditation helps me to calm my nerves in the morning. I try to do it in the fresh air. My balcony is my favorite place in my home to do meditation. I do inhale-exhale exercises and free the subconscious. A free mind helps me deal with unavoidable stress and manages my home and work life in a balanced equation. Meditation is my cup of joe in the morning.

Suggestion: if you are a beginner in meditation, it is possible to get overwhelmed by different thoughts’ directions. Just try to practice meditation daily.

This daily morning routine don’t have any hard and fast rules.

Then I drink green tea, coffee, or Indian masala tea. Write about my today’s agenda. Kiss my husband, give him a big heartfelt hug, and I am ready for the rest of the whole day.

Make your morning routine according to your priorities, and follow it as a relaxation technique, not discipline. Give yourself a relaxing morning time, which is vital for your body and mind.

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