When Spider-man killed Mary jane with his radioactive sperm. ( Earth- 70237 )

The Kaare Andrews - Spider-Man: Reign is a classic story of the Love and tragedy of peter parker and mary jane. Spiderman killed her loving wife with his radioactive semen gradually, GROSS.....

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Comic By – Kaare Andrews

Title – Spider-Man: Reign

The tragic death of Mary Jane Watson Parker occurred in the alternative universe of Earth – 70237, due to prolonged exposure to radiation. Who exposed her to this radiation? Well, her sweetheart The Spider-Man, by his …. sperm.

MJ has been kidnapped a lot of times before and after marrying Peter Parker, but still, Watson’s tragic death did not occur because of any of his villains or enemy, but as Sheldon says, due to the coitus between Peter Paker and MJ. ( Any “The Big Bang Theory” fans here, let us know in the comments. If you are in Toronto, let’s grab a coffee together sometimes and gossip about the amazing six and Stuart.)

How did MJ die in Spider-Man: Reign?

One sentence answer – with his radioactive semen, But I guess you read it above.

The radioactive sperm of Spider-Man killed MJ. She died of cancer brought on by exposure to Peter’s radioactive semen during sex over the years.

The Kaare Andrews – Spider-Man: Reign is a classic story of the Love and tragedy of Peter Parker and Mary Jane. Spiderman killed her loving wife with his radioactive semen gradually, GROSS…..

The last word of MJ’s “Go…” crushed the soul of Peter while he was sitting beside her dying wife in hospital. The radioactive isotopes in his blood 🩸 killed his loving wife. The lonely Peter also brings on his black costume instead of classic blue and red suit, when J. J. Jameson apologizes to him and sends a package containing a black suit mask.

Let me give you a little bit of premises on the story; 30 years into the future, under the control of Mayor Waters, New York City is safe and without any prevalence of superheroes and supervillains. Mayor also imprisoned the vegetative kingpin secretly.

Peter is an aged florist without any motivation to live his life only accompanied by memories ( more like hallucinations ) of his long-dead beloved wife, MJ. When attacks of “Reign” start, He fights with one of the “Reign” officers to protect a person. An old friend Hypno- Hustler, comes back to help the spider man.

The mayor goes angry with the spider man’s arrival. He releases his old enemies – Electro, The Sandman, Kraven the hunter, Mysterio, the Hydro man, and Scorpion to corner the old spider man.

Mary J Watson reminded Peter that his true strength comes from his ability to decide when not to use his power.

Peter is ready for a fight after talking with Mary Jane
Peter is ready for a fight after talking with Mary Jane.

MJ guides his loving Peter in the present situation through hallucinations. The “Sinner Six” almost killed the old Spidey when the Doc-Ock’s tentacles saved his life, only to bury him in MJ’s grave. Doc-Ock, before he died, had given his tentacles a final command to show Peter 3 grave – markers. At last, after conquering his fears and inner demons, Peter emerged in our favorite red and blue costume and defeated the Reign, Venom, and “Sinner six.”

Finally, Spidey visits his beautiful wife’s grave and states that he will join her in peace one day, but he has “responsibilities” to attend to until then.

Spider Man: Reign #4
End – Spider-Man: Reign #4

This comic was published as a four-part limited series between 2006 and 2007; Nightmare fell into the 30 years into the future.

Well, I believe this is one of the disgusting ways to kill your loved one, of course unknowingly.

Peter Parker and Mary Jane

Mary’s relation with Peter has not always been smooth; It is always a kind of an on-again-off-again relation. Peter started dating Gwen Stacy a few times, and MJ became Harry Osborn’s sweetheart.

Marvel Action: Spider-Man: A New Beginning (Book One)

Depiction of Love and romance of Spiderman and MJ is one of the famous among the comic characters. MJ’s classic line, “Face it, tiger, you just hit the jackpot,” fantastic line from any girlfriend in the whole comic world. MJ is undoubtedly a significant person in his life, besides Uncle Ben, Aunt May, and Gwen.

However, in the comic book Civil War: Casualties of War: Captain America/Iron Man (2007), the other love interest of Spider-Man, Gwen Stacy, died because of a broken neck due to webbing.

Do you know these fun facts about Tom holland’s spider-man character in Marvel movies?

If feeling a little grossed out, maybe try these Spider-Man Jokes and Puns to lighten yourself up!!

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