The 6 things that happy couples don't do.

Staying hot in bed or a joke about fart in the bedroom, A morning kiss or a knocking over bathroom door for nature's call, A movie night or gaming weekend, lazy Sundays or cleaning day, which is making a relation happy. ANSWER IS ALL.

Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash
Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash

Love is a beautiful emotion that can fulfill everybody’s life. Being with someone in a relationship is a very mesmerizing thing that we all want to enjoy.

But this fantastic couple’s journey is not so smooth after all; it has its ups and downs.

Happy couples are not the perfect human beings who seem to do everything right. They do fight, they make silly mistakes, But they cherish their journey together more.

Staying hot in bed or a joke about fart in the bedroom, A morning kiss or a knocking over the bathroom door for nature’s call, A movie night or gaming weekend, lazy Sundays or a cleaning day, which of these things make a relation happy? THE ANSWER IS ALL. Craziness, a trusty and joyful friendship, A smile is conveying a feeling of ❤️ opinionated fights, Romance, a sense of responsibility. These all are core ingredients of a spicy and happy relationship.

Well, we all know what they do, But what things they avoid to makes their lives joyful?

No gossip policy 

Happy couples never gossip or complain about their partners to others. They know outside involvement can hurt their better half’s sentiments. It’s always best to communicate directly if something feels problematic. Never convert a healthy and quality time with friends into a complaining session about your spouse.

Don’t expect to read minds 

They believe in communication rather than assumption. It is not wise to expect your partner to always know what’s in your mind and your thought process. Talk…, Talk… it’s elementary to talk about what you want. (well, a game night and chocolates are some of the exceptions 😆 )

No too much seriousness

 Fun, Joy, Adventure, Craziness are the wheels of a light love ride. Always being serious can be a major mood killer.
Even in the challenging and stressful conditions, try to catch some time for a coffee date, A quality chat under the Stars, Ice-cream walks, or At least tell a Joke and share a laugh.

No obsession with roles and perfectionism 

Happy couples are not too rigid with their roles in household chores or overall life. Instead, they are flexible and try to do things according to the situation even if it’s not their mé·tier.

No perfection concept exists here. They do not believe in the concept of perfecting everything. If one is perfect is one thing, it’s okay. But the perfect one does not ruin the moment if the other one is not.

Not listening for just the sake of listening👂

They listen to each other and try to understand as much as they can. But not just pretend to listen. The majority of problems occur due to a lack of communication.

Don’t forget their individual self 

No doubt they are a team. Still, they do not ignore their existence as individuals and Never forget that their significant other is an independent Human being and not only their partner.

Well, there is not any strict do and don’t exist policy for a happy relationship. Every couple has different chemistry. Just follow your heart and cherish the lovely bond of yours. Embrace your relationship.

what is your idea of a happy couple and unique relationship

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Black Couture

Wait that sucks;I was expecting to sit there and micro zoom into my bf mind hahah.. but how true us what your wrote! Successful couples dont read minds. Communication is hard though! Do you have a post on that?

Damn I love your writings! I am definitely bookmarking this site so I can come back and read it all. Thank you for sharing, we need more people like you.

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