Why Does Doctor Strange Eat Poisonous Food?

The sorcerer supreme can not eat regular and yummy food. He has to live on poisonous food to survive his body with all the magical power. Magic has its own cost, and doctor strange's body pays for it.

Doctor Strange

Doctor strange’s diet is gross! but he needs it for his magic and survival

The sorcerer supreme can not eat regular and yummy food. He has to live on poisonous food to survive his body with all the magical power. Magic has its own cost, and doctor strange’s body pays for it.

Doctor strange eats rancid organic creatures and parts like eyeballs and tentacles.

But why is he eating this disgusting food?. Is it to gain magical power. Well, the answer is tricky. Doctor strange’s body is weird with access to mysterious and dark ancient magic.

Let me give you a little bit of premises on the story. In the Marvel comic debut, Stephen strange is knowns as the master of black magic, and cannibalism was his darkest magic. To access the ancient magic and perform dark rituals to save the earth and defeat his enemy. He has to make so many sacrifices. one of them is his irreparable altered body and digestion process. Now he can’t digest normal food and have to eat disgusting food.

Doctor strange food

In Jason Aaron’s 2015 Doctor Strange seriesThe librarian Zelma saw Wong cooking food for the sorcerer supreme with a strange and weird ingredients list that consists of alien eyeballs, toads, rats, and various writhing tentacles.

The other reason to consider that is to gain knowledge about the strengths and weaknesses of his stronger enemies. In the Savage, Avenger #13 end scene – Strange gives additional advice to Conan about an encounter with Kulan Gath.” A small… sample would suffice. A finger. perhaps just a bit of flash caught in your blade…”

If you remember that scene from Spiderman: no way home when ned opens the fridge in the dungeon. He finds a collection of various living organisms in bowls and jars.

In the what-if series, he also consumes multiple magical beings to attain the power to fight his enemies.

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Fans are speculating that Sooner or later, Disney will introduce the PIzza poppa’s pizza balls theme park. But the big irony for favorite Stephen, who can’t eat it.

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