Why Superior Iron man aligns with the plot of the multiverse of madness.

The multiverse of madness trailer brings lots of crazy characters, but the talk of the town of is about what’s that glowing fiery character in the trippy footage?

Nobody can perfectly use fan nostalgia other than Marvel, after the success of no way home with cameos and the return of all the legendary characters. It is time for some known introductions for the plot of the multiverse of madness.

My first speculation after watching the trailer was that is it the full binary version of captain marvel? But then I got confused between Monica Rambeau and HumanTorch. However, it seems like we will blaze by superior iron man. So it is a possible theory.

Professor Xavier, baron Mordor, variants of Doctor strange, America Chavez is here. But suppose what’s more significant than an iron man from another universe.

Superior Iron Man
credit – Marvel comics

Why it should be a superior Iron man?

It is totally convenient for Illuminati to have Ultron soldiers with the help of an Iron Man in a team. He has the capability to create Ultron laborers/army. It can definitely be the action of superior iron man’s pretty arrogant nature to slave the entire robotic army.

Tony stark’s version from Marvel’s 2014 summer comics crossover events axis event can possibly align with the movie’s storyline.

SPOILER RUMOR – Expect a cameo of Deadpool

The Mysterious fiery variant’s armor looks pretty similar to standard iron man armor from the neck down, and as co-creator Tom Taylor’s tweet tells us, it was “designed to glow when he was angry.

A few months ago, there was also a rumor that Robert Downey junior had one last contact to appear in one last MCU movie. If it happens, it will be a fantastic surprise for me ( I love tony stark’s character!!!!). But this rumor is fading with another gossip among the MCU fan club, that Tom Cruise is playing the role of superior iron man.

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