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Image by ALBERTO H. FABREGAS from Pixabay

This Day is a call to action to fight against women’s inequality and reduce the divide plaguing society. Let’s take this day as a reminder to respect, uplift, and stand up with the women who are still suffering and help them achieve the dream of equality and empowerment. Appreciate everything that the women have achieved and make sure to help them to do more. After all, we succeed when everyone succeeds.


We all read women’s day quotes all over the internet, on many other places, digital platforms. But at CozyReads, we tried to do the same thing by having the everyday people reach out to us and tell their stories and experience.

We told people to reach out to us on Social Media and bring forth their perspective and appreciation for the women in their lives. And we received beautiful messages, which we want to share with you. Here are a few of those thoughts.

Women!! The life-giver..!!
From taking birth…to giving a birth…from managing houses…to handling office pressure… it’s really hard to imagine how they do it. I feel blessed to have my mom, wife, sisters, friends beside me…who have shown intense care…emotion..and taught me a lot of things!! No words can define their goodness, courage, care..!! Happy women’s day..!

Paddy @ CozyReads

Just love yourself, your imperfections, and do whatever you dream of and everything will fall in place.
Happy women’s day!

Disha Gera

A woman is a goddess in every form. She is the essence of life. Without her, life cannot exist.

Himanshu katoch

Women are meant to be loved, not to be understood.

Iti Katoch

Happy Women’s Day to all the superwomen out there! Keep your smile wide and confidence high! ❤️❤️


She never seemed shattered to me.
She was a breathtaking mosaic of battles she’s one.

Prince verma

For the roles we play, the kindness, the love and the perfect imperfections

let’s be beautiful and unique in our own way.

for we complete life.


Behind every successful man, there is a woman, but behind every successful woman is her courage, confidence, and the capability to defend society and achieve her dreams.

Diya Bajaj

Behind every successful man, there is a woman who handles their family, their kids, her profession, their house, and lots more.

She is a package of everything… emotions, fun, beauty, care, etc.


To me, a woman is the one who is a selfless giver, whose love is unconditional, who plays each role beautifully and at her best.

She is really strong and can become a warrior if it’s meant to be. She inspires everyone and is a blissful gift for us. let’s embrace it together

Happy women’s day


When people say women are the strongest creatures to ever brace this planet, they aren’t wrong. It’s only a woman that can give birth to a new life. The journey from a daughter to a mother and then eventually a grandmother isn’t easy, but women still go through all of that with smiles on their faces. Struggling with periods every month, going through the painful process of giving birth to a child, and adjusting to a new family after being married, women go through all of it and still don’t ever complain. All they ever demand in return is love and respect. Wishing a very happy women’s day to the lovely women in the world. Thank you for everything. Always in your debt❤️


No other creature in the universe is as good and beautiful as women. You deserve the utmost love and respect. She has the immense power to bring a new life into this world and nurtures everybody along with her. A woman should never be underestimated as she is even more powerful than a man. According to Hindu mythology, she is considered a form of Mahakali. Women are our power and we should be thankful to all women.

Happy women’s day🙌

Gaurav Bhasin

मेरी ख्वाइशों को ज़ंजीरों में बांधोगे कैसे?

तुम मुझे मुझमें ही बांटोगे कैसे?

मैं वो नहीं जो चुप चाप इस जहर को पी जाऊंगी

और मैं वो तो बिल्कुल भी नहीं जो तुम्हारी मानमर्जियां सह जाऊंगी।

मैं अपने ख्वाबों को पिंजरे में बंद कर जीना कैसा होता है अब

ये नहीं जानती।

अब मैं ख़ुद से मोहब्बत के सिवा किसी और को इश्क़ नहीं मानती।

Anjali Chaudhary

Pink is my shade

because it never fades

Gladly accepting the fact

that pink never goes out of range.

we are allowed only to suppress

for the sake of societal impress.

But now is the time to express,

So, my dear pink, you are not distress.

Anjali Chaudhary

From Your biggest fan😄

Wishing the lioness a Very Happy Women’s Day.

You are a true inspiration to many women out there and not only to women but to Men too.

You are a beautiful soul with a beautiful heart❤️

You are the strongest person I know in my life.

In spite of having so many ups and downs in your life, you are fearlessly handling them.

You truly define that quote ‘Beauty with brains’.

You are a special child of God, He has given you supreme powers so that u can handle everything in your life.

In the coming years, you will definitely get what u desire in your life.

You always rock 🌟

As I always say you are a Rockstar.

You have taught me a lot and thank you for everything 🙏

You mean a lot to me 😊

In end I would like to say —

You are fast as the wind,

Quiet as the forest,

Aggressive as the fire,

And immovable as a Mountain.


Women are the epitome of beauty, love, kindness, care. ❤️

Women are the strongest people out there, from giving birth to always adjusting, compromising, and keeping others’ needs above them; They do it all. Women have always been breaking rigid stereotypes of society and achieving great heights all over the world, which is so commendable and so inspiring. Women should be celebrated every day for everything she does for us and everybody around her. ✨


We wish all the women out there a very happy women’s day. There is nothing that can stop you, and don’t let anyone try to.